I want to upload pde file to webpage.

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hello there..

I made interaction program that change image by sound. So, I want to upload my webpage. but, processing can export just app. How can I upload my program?

I'm waiting your kind answer. Thanks.


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    If you want a downloadable sketch you can follow these steps:

    Export your sketch:


    Compress it:


    And then simply upload it. I like to use mediafire as it is quick.


    Now you can share the download link on your website and such. Here is an example of a downloadable sketch I made earlier:


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    If you want to upload a program, so it would run in the browser, check out processing.js, which is a mode for processing, or p5js, which is a JavaScript Library that uses general idea of processing. It's advantage is that there is no need for user to have Java installed, but it needs a sketch to be rewritten according to JavaScript syntax.

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    If I want to run the pde file in website..... how should I ?
    hello guys!!!
    I want to upload program that I made.
    I know method that my program(pde) run in website.
    like this link http://www.openprocessing.org/sketch/152235
    Should I make particular file format?
    Or Should I translate other language ?
    Or otherwise something .....

    Anyway Please answer me easily.....
    Thanks !

  • @DCRaven Thank you. But, I want to run in website. @Ater Thank you. You mean use the .js file format !? @GoToLoop Yep.. Please help me !

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    But, I want to run in website.

    In order to have a Java Mode sketch transpiled into JavaScript, we gotta use JavaScript Mode!
    But we gotta stick w/ Processing API, so the conversion to JS have any chance to be successful!

    Since Processing.JS's framework is still @ v1.4.1 in most sketch hosting sites, we should write our code as if it was for Processing v1.5.1!

  • @GoToLoop I can't download processing.js v1.4.8.. just open the coding page.. If I download processing.js files, can I upload my project(pde) ?

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    I can't download processing.js v1.4.8.. just open the coding page...

    We gotta right-click download link and choose "Save Link as".
    Since "processing.js" is a JavaScript script, which in turn is a mere text:

    Unfortunately v1.4.8, besides being a development version, isn't much diff. from v1.4.1 either!
    We still gotta write our Java Mode code as if it was for the old Processing v1.5.1!

    We can also use their "Processing Helper" in order to convert our Java Mode code to Processing.JS v1.4.8:

    But we still need to create an ".html" file in order to run it in a browser.
    Easiest way is simply use JavaScript Mode, which already creates the basic configured files.

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