line numbering - suggestion

Hi All, I am struggling to make a decision at the moment, wether to use Processing IDE or Eclipse for a project that might be useful for some people. I'd much prefer to keep it PIDE as it require so much less effort to get started editing the code.

However, while writing the code, I keep getting annoyed by Java errors that point me to a line in the output .java file, that does not in any way correspond to lines in open tabs (and I love using tabs - its a must for longer programs)

I would really like line numbers in the editor (I'd love them to be visible on the side but I can live without it), those shown in the corner, to show line number in the output file rather than local line number. This would make sense as any stack traces could now actually be useful in determining which line went wrong !

Also code folding would really be useful but that's a separate issue and I imagine much more involved one.


  • I also would love numbered lines just like we got when posting code in this very forum.
    However, ".java" source code numbered lines you'll only get them when exporting the app w/ CTRL+E!

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