problems rendering an image larger than my screensize

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Has anyone had any issues trying to draw and save images larger than your screen size? It seems to cap my width and height at my screen size. The same is also true when I instantiate a separate PGraphics object and draw everything there. Actually, I'm getting all kinds of weird things when using PGraphics objects. There seems to be some weird relationship between the size() method called in the main sketch and the engine that renders things in my separate PGraphics instance.

I'm using Processing 2.2.1, default renderer, Windows 7.


  • _vk_vk
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    I tested this code and it saved me an image as expected... Processing 2.2.1 - macos 10.9.4

    void setup(){
      PGraphics p = createGraphics(3000,4000);
      p.fill(255, 80, 190);
      for (int i = 0; i< 100; i++){
        p.ellipse(random(p.width), random(p.height), 20, 20);
  • ok, so if only i were using a mac....

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