Book library?

I've done a few print- and book-related projects with Processing, and I think a Book library would be useful for those interested in creating algorithmically generated books or layouts. What might be useful?

Thus far, I'm thinking of or working on:

  • Pagination to PDF
  • Text wrapping and flow across pages
  • Using "real" units like inches, mm, and picas
  • Settings margins and gutters
  • Styles for different elements? Maybe parsing a separate CSS file?

I'm hoping this sparks some conversation on a design-related library. Any ideas, comments, or suggestions welcome!


  • You could make something where there is a long list of books and people can select some and add it to their own personal library. Also, you can make a filter search. So people can find the exact books they need. Plus allow a zoom in and out button. That would look nice. Finally, if you can, add a place where if you click on it, it can change the language.

  • It would be useful to output other formats not just PDF. For instance Word compatible format, HTML or perhaps epub.

  • I'd be interested in hearing if this has progressed any. I wrote a sketch for drawing and exporting black and white mini-comics as a PDF, both for printing and viewing electronically. I also started experimenting with generating epubs, which is just a zipped folder. Epubs can also contain audio, video, and SVGs. It would be very cool to generate an epub with video from a sketch. And a certain level of interactivity can be had within the HTML of the epub pages. Sigil is a great program for creating epubs and can be used to reverse engineer what is needed within the file.

  • I am of opinion that a personal OS w/o a PDF reader isn't complete! >-)

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