Saving from PDE non-programmatically when the output is too large to screenshot

I have a program which has been running all day and I stupidly forgot to put any code in to save the output. The resulting image is too large to be displayed on my small laptop screen. Is there any way to save the output image from the PDE once it's finished generating? (This is running processing 2.2.1 in linux).



  • Hello there danceexmachina, you could easily import the pdf library and have it save the output to a .PDF file, then just zoom out on the PDF when done. I hope this is what you are looking for.


  • Without stopping the sketch and adding some code, it seems hard to do, if not impossible.

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    you can make a screen shot

    maybe there are special screen grabber programs (cautious of mal ware...) that can capture a window that's bigger than the screen?

    i don't know about wins own abilities...

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    no, when you use alt-print instead of print alone win takes only the visible part of the current window, not the entire window

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