Processing 2.0 hangs in random time within 30 seconds.

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Hi I am new to processing and my sketch hangs when I click on a selected circle. There are many circles and it works fine for some mousepress but after some clicks sketch just hangs. I am not using noLoop() or frameRate anywhere in my sketch. Please Help

Processing 2.0 64 bit JDK 64 bit



  • Sure, let me guess what is in your code...
    Mmm, I fear I can't really guess accurately.

  • Did you use delay(30000)?

  • Well it could possibly be

    • minor mistake in programming
    • or the fact that it's 64 bit

    I usually choose 32 bit because it runs a little faster and is easier for your computer to handle. If you want to you can try downloading 32 bit and transferring your program to their. See what happens.

    Check your program before you do that though! It could be a slight mistake.

    Hope it works!

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