Wanting to export an animated Gif?

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Hey all

I was running through some old posts of mine and noticed I had written up a really simple way to export animated Gifs from your processing projects. and thought I would share it. (seeing as animated gifs are all the rage :) )

If your looking for this functionality head over to my web site (because you need a Jar I've provided) and quickly add this option to your projects :)



  • It seems you just took the complete jar from the existing gif library as listed on the libraries page? But you are providing less documentation of the features. So it seems more sensible for people to just download the original library which is open source and has better documentation, right? http://extrapixel.github.io/gif-animation/

  • Oh cool! No I didn't get it from the libraries page I stumbled across it from a link in Stack-overflow.com then when I returned to the project a few months later couldn't find the original source, hence I was after it in my post so I could credit the author.

    But yeah the the link you provide is much better and more helpful a good read for me as well :)

  • This seems to be compatible with Processing 1 and 2 only. Any link to a version for Processing 3 ? Ty.

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