Keystone library: Minimize distortions for extreme angles

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I'm using the keystone library for a setup where the projector is mounted at a height of about 2 meters and is projecting at about 30 degrees downwards onto a floor. Due to the projection angle, the projected canvas is quite severely keystoned.

My goal is to keystone correct the image so that a square in processing shows up as an actual square on the floor.

To not lose too much projection area by dragging the top two corner pins together, my current approach is to drag the bottom pins further apart than the actual size of the screen.

This generally works, but produces a lot of jittery lines in the bottom area of the image. See screenshot here: (I'm drawing the black lines using line() function)

I'm guessing these distortions/jitter are caused by the texture being stretched too much and could be minimized by increasing the resolution of the rendered area but I'm not sure how to achieve this.

Any ideas?



  • I think I found a solution. Increasing the parameter for the mesh resolution when calling createCornerPinSurface() makes the lines appear much smoother.

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