Raspberry Pi Model B & Processing


Has anyone tried using Processing with RPi Model B? How is the performance? Any recommendations?



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    I've tried Processing on a Model B but that was last summer and it was pretty slow. I'm guessing current versions of raspian will have better java performance and processing might run faster. Even though you can code straight on the Pi I recommend sharing a folder on your computer and still using that to develop, then compile once when you're happy for raspian. This should make iterations faster.

    Also, have a play with the Python version of Processing or pygame.

    Update: There is a Raspian image with Processing 3 preinstalled. Raspian's speed seems a bit better and Processing's not too bad. OpenGL works now which is great! (there still are limitations (JOGL/GL_ES related)), but what's already there is pretty useful). There's also an I/O library so you can tinker with the Raspberry PI's GPIO pins straight from Processing.

  • I'm currently trying to get it to run on a B+, without success. Removed Processing's own Java, replaced it with a symlink, did the rxtx library-replacing thing, as per http://cagewebdev.com/index.php/raspberry-pi-running-processing-on-your-raspi/ and elsewhere... and now when I type ./processing from the relevant folder, it just does nothing. No errors, just not a thing.

    Any clues?

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