Audio output monitoring using Processing

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Hi everyone,

I'm facing a problem I can't quite find a solution for, it'd be really nice if anyone had info regarding this To put it short, I'd like to use an audio output as an input for Processing, in order to generate real time graphics.

I'm trying to get the audio which comes out of my Ableton Live setup (routed directly to the outputs of my external sound card - my sound card being multi output, though I'd be happy getting only output 1 and 2, which contain the master out). However, I don't know how to get this "output array" (using either minim, javasound, or even the new Processing 3.0 sound library which doesn't have much documentation yet) I could get some kind of tool like Soundflower to go in between, and have Ableton out -> Soundflower In || Soundflower Out -> Ext out, and just have Processing get the Soundflower Input, but it's far from optimal, as this adds a bad latency (critical for a live music setup), and is not extremely reliable

I've looked at Minim, which has a setInputMixer function, but it doesn't allow me to monitor the output Actually, is this kind of audio hijacking even possible in Java, using OSX ? Could this be possible with the bright future that awaits us with Processing 3.0 and its brand new sound library ?

Thanks for every bit of info !



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