Regular (accelerating) beats - how?

edited August 2014 in Library Questions

I'm slightly stuck. I want to start a program with a regular beating sound, getting faster and faster until it gets to about 10-20Hz and fades into a continuous sound. I've been using a SawWave in Minim, but it's a very harsh sound, and if you listen carefully between 'beats' there's almost a white noise sort of sound in the middle, which i'd rather avoid. Perhaps a SquareWave would get me around that, but it's an equally harsh sound - I'd ideally like to switch to a sample of a drum, or something a bit like that. So I tried using Minim's playNote, with an instrument which just triggers a drum sample, to queue up a lot of beats at specific times. That's great until it gets overwhelmed - somewhere around 10 beats per second, I think, it stops being able to time them properly and you get gaps of inappropriate lengths. I really need this to be fairly precise for it to sound right.

Any advice?

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