JavaScript versions of Processing

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So with processing.js, JavaScript Mode and p5.js, we now have at least three different ways of using Processing to make JavaScript (JS). I couldn't find a concise comparison of them, but I think it goes something like this? I'd appreciate any corrections or clarifications.

  • Processing.js translates almost-standard Processing code into JS, in a way that is largely invisible to the programmer. It allows us to use JavaScript and Java syntax, making JS calls from within a mostly-Java-looking programming, in a way which is convenient but a bit confusing.
  • JavaScript Mode, integrated with the Processing Development Environment, is based on Processing.js, but somewhat independent of it.
  • p5.js is a JS library; when you're using it, you're very definitely writing JavaScript, with all the var and function syntax that implies. It's the newest of these projects, and is emphatically 'a new interpretation, not an emulation or port', so we should expect more divergence from the main Processing project, but perhaps better integration with web sites.

Does that sound about right? Would anyone like to add anything about the motivations for all these approaches?


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