CAN Generative Typography Tutorial

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Hey guys,

My tutorial on Generative Typography with Processing is online now. It's a walkthrough of the more than 20 open-source code examples I am sharing. It covers aggregate drawing, PDF-export and 3D examples in the context of taking the base forms of typography and then using code to make beautiful things with them. There are many algorithms used: circle-packing, flowfield, voronoi, etc. See some of the results in the video above. You can check out the full tutorial here:

Have fun and happy creative coding! :-)

Kind regards,



  • So great, it's amazing.

  • Hi Amnon! First thanks a lot for such a great work. I'm having problems when running the examples for CAN generative typography, could you please have a look?

    I'm using: * Processing 3.0.2 * Hemesh library --> Build-of-the-day HE_Mesh (2016/03/25) . Downloaded from * Example: Basic3DType.pde

    When I try to run the sketch I got the following error: "cannot convert from WB_Coord to WB_Point"

    Any clue??? Thanks again

  • The library changed a little bit since this tutorial was posted. Error message seems pretty clear though. Where it is a problem just replace WB_Point (or WB_Vector) with WB_Coord.

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