Who wants to help make an open-source Theatrical Control System? (sound/video cue triggering/send)


I am new to processing and inhaling the tutorials rapidly. While I am excited about the many possibilities that learning how to use PROCESSING will provide me, I have to be honest and say that I am currently learning it in pursuit of one goal - TO MAKE A FREE, OPEN SOURCE THEATRICAL CONTROL SYSTEM. Basically, I'd like to create a hybrid of Troikatronics' "Isadora" and Figure 53's QLAB.

These programs run for $200-$500 for very basic features and functionality, and as a young struggling theatrical media artist, I just CANT AFFORD THAT! I've been poring through the Processing Forums and Libraries, and haven't really found an OS program that combines all of the cueing and sending features I would like for my shows. ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED! Even just telling me where to start or which tutorials to really pay attention to.

Thanks much!

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