Problessing framework / library - looking for help

I wanted to start this library for a long time now. Today i started!

The idea is to make a framework that extends the basic processing (but keeps usage simple as in processing). Some examples of things I would like to see added:

  • real Perlin noise with a noiseMode() implementation.
  • easy set up to detect multiple key presses
  • easy save and load values
  • Comparators to sort PVectors and other stuff (java Rectangles)
  • Classes for basic processing shapes like Rect, Ellipse etc.
  • easy set up for a resizable sketch
  • QuadTree
  • algorithms, for example to pack small rectangles in a bigger rectangle (bin packing)
  • useful graphic stuff like a Integral map class (already made one, see video, it runs realtime and get's the average color of a area really fast (int this case for 10000 rectangles)):

Basically stuff I need or things I or you might need in the future. What it shouldn't be is things to specific. Like a blobscanner, i think that should be a library on it's own. However, it could have Classes that help with existing libraries.

This with good examples, maybe a site that also explains the examples with images like has. But this get's more important once the library is growing and it's structure is getting more and more final.

My questions are:

1) Are there any things you guys like to see that you are missing in processing? 2) And are there people that would like to help me?

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