Processing/Grasshopper fabrication workshop, August 2014 in Modena Italy



Balsamico is a collaborative stage for designers operating in between digital intelligences and craftsmanship aesthetics, it is a fabrication workshop leading to the manufacture of a 1 to 1 wooden pavilion. The workshop will be held from August the 17th till August 23th this summer of 2014.


Actions of dripping, collecting and tasting will drive the definition of a ground for Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena. A cad/cam approach will generate volumetric structures from the implementation of a wooden joinery system. Participants will operate within an open design field where a cross-breeding methodology will avoid unilateral layout in the selection of successful solutions. Parametric detailing, automatic unrolling, smart labeling and efficient nesting are some of the skills the participant will learn in the context of mass-customization. Rhino in combination with the visual scripting plug-in Grasshopper and the coding software Processing will be used as a basic platform to develop the proposals and prepare the documents for CNC processes.


A consolidated expertise of Italian manufacture will sustain the fabrication of all the components, bounded to the constraints imposed by two-dimensional milling machine’s capacities. A set of different types of wood with special properties will strongly influence the treatment techniques. Operations as smoothing, sanding, cutting or calibrating will every time adjust to all the selected materials.


The final structure will be installed in a context of solid historical background provoking a dialogue between complex compositions and ordered environments. Moreover visits to Ferrari museums, Post modern Cemeteries, Romanic Cathedrals, Baroque buildings and soft hill tops will accompany the whole experience during the summer week.

Tutors and instructors

The teaching method will be given by young experts in digital design and further implemented by professional Italian artisans. (Grasshooper/Processing ,and design tutors) (Fabrication and design tutors) Further information

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