Export Application OSX -> 102.4MB [2.1b1]

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I use Processing to create and distribute simple applications for my co-workers to install and use. Some just parse our server logs and export the relevant data as TSV files. Some of the apps do simple visualizations and export to PDF. Highly useful stuff.

The exported apps used to be 5.2MB, now they are 102MB. I see in the Package Contents that you export the entire JDK in the package. Is this going to be the standard behavior when 2.1 leaves beta?



  • I tried installing the JDK from Oracle and removing the JDK from the Plugins directory in the Package Contents of the .app create during export.

    That didn't work.

    I really need recommendations here. Previous versions of Processing (<2.1b1) don't seem to work with Mavericks, and 102MB apps are too large to distribute. I don't mind editing the Package Contents after I click Export, what could I do to make Processing look at the system JDK?

    I reallly really do not want to rewrite all of these Utilities in Python or OpenFrameworks.

  • I suggest to open a bug in GitHub to be sure authors of Processing see the issue. (Check first the list of recent bugs...)

  • Thanks for opening on Github. We feel that our hands are tied with this because of how Java is changing. The larger exported files are that way by design: http://wiki.processing.org/w/Export_Info_and_Tips

    It ensures that projects will run well, regardless if people have Java installed and the version of Java they have installed.

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    Is there a way I can change the information in the info.plist to point to the native JDK?

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    It ensures that projects will run well, regardless if people have Java installed and the version of Java they have installed.

    I prefer if it had a clean export feature too, w/o any unnecessary files. :-\"

    Pretty much almost all programs I see available to download which depends on Java,
    explicitly tell its user that Java must be installed! ~:> Same for .Net Framework based ones!

    So I don't get why a development tool like Processing comes w/ an old bundled Java.
    And its launcher demands its presence (although it can be hacked) rather than finding the 1 already installed! :-w

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    The software has just been updated in the source. There will be a choice at export to include Java or not.

  • Great, I was about to suggest to leave choice to users! Good move.

  • Hi all, i have also another question: is no more possible export a windows or linux app from a mac, in 2.1? Anyway, 2.0.3 seems work nice on maverick..

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