Problems with ControlP5 font rendering

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Hi, I am currently using controlP5 to create a gui for my program. The problem is, that some labels are displayed very sharp, as I would expect from a bit font, but some are blurry. The dropdown list for example is always displayed sharp. Slider labels on the other hand are blurry. When I create a new Textlabel it's also sharp. I already tried That helps a bit. But it makes the font bolder and harder to read. Using other fonts also won't help. I even tried creating a new Textlabel and then switching a blurry captionlabel with it's sharp valuelabel. But that also won't help.

Any ideas? I'd like to have sharp fonts.


  • I call background(...) as the first thing in my draw() function. The problem is not that anti-aliasing is not working (although it isn't, but I think that's because my onboard graphics card doesn't support it).

    The problem is, that fonts are blurry. That kind of defeats the purpose of a bit font. I uploaded a screenshot to show what I mean:

    image alt text

  • I slightly changed the resolution. Most of the fonts are now crisp and clear. But there's still some blurry captions left.

    Has nobody an idea why this is the case?

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