interactive performance using computer vision (incl. video excerpt)

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We were commissioned to design the Annual Public Book Awards ceremony and we came up with a fictional journey which included the performance piece Orthographies, a set of dance phrases, underlined by live jazz music, where the performer was immersed in a fictional, interactive "Land of the Book". Our challenge was to do everything using characters normally found in books, such as letters, numbers, punctuation marks and simple shapes (the client was in Greece, so Greek alphabet of course).

Here is a three-minute excerpt from the show:

We used infrared cameras and our in-house tracking engine to track all the action on stage and we developed or ported algorithms for autonomous agents, particle systems, fractals and we used the box2d physics engine and much more, in order to simulate natural forces and biological behaviours. Even thought the code was written in openFrameworks (C++), a lot of the inspiration was taken from the processing community, processing code and books such as "the nature of code" by Daniel Shiffman.

marinero (on behalf of the visualcortex team)


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