Java console errors in IE and Chromium when running on web

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Runs fine in FireFox and Chrome, but I get this (these) errors in IE and Chromium when trying to run sketch on the web:

Processing.js: TypeError: Unable to get property 'createTexture' of undefined or null reference 
SCRIPT5022: WebGL context is not supported on this browser. 
processing.js, line 4814 character 26

I don't know where to look for this issue. Of course I tried the discussions first, but nothing comes up about this error.

Thanks much.


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    For Chromium, go to chrome://settings/ and click at "Show advanced settings..."
    Then look for "System -> Use hardware acceleration when available".

    Also take a look at chrome://gpu/ to assure you've got "WebGL: Hardware accelerated" there.

    For even more advanced stuff, go here -> chrome://flags/
    But be careful there! X_X And good luck! =:)

  • Hi GoTo -- yup Use hardware acc. is checked. As for chrome://gpu/ I'm afraid I don't know where that is!!!

    Anyway - thanks

  • Well, they're special configuration pages and supposed to be typed in, just like any regular URL! ~O)

  • hmm - can't believe I've never run into that before -- thanks.

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