Adding gstreamer plugins to gsvideo

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My previuos question at lead to this another question: How can I add gstreamer plugin to gs(video)-library to be used by Processing.

By searhing the web and googling around I have got the idea that my problem with not getting image from BMD Decklink capture card is caused by gsvideo not handling the footage right. This might be solved by adding a plugin from gstreamers gst-plugins-bad -file. Only problem is that I don't know a) where to find compiled .dll-file or how to compile the plugin from .h- and .c-files and b) how and where to add that .dll-file so that it could be used by Processing.

I hope that this makes some sense, since english is not my native language and it is quite late now here in Finland. (:

Also I hope that someone could help me with this one!

Thank you very much!



  • Which version of processing are you using?

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  • Mikkao, did you ever solve this issue? Seems you and I are trying to achieve the same thing (see forum post here).

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    Hi, I built the gstreamer libs currently bundled with Processing around two years ago, but I haven't had time to update them since then. At the time there was no cross-platform mechanism to compile gstreamer on windows and mac, so I relied on macports for the OSX version of the libs, and mingw to cross-compile (on Linux) the windows version. Setting the cross-compilation environment was particularly tricky, I archived the entire build scripts in the two files available here, one for i686 and the other for x86_64 architectures. But I don't know how easy would be to use them now. They include some documentation but it is quite sparse.

    Maybe something more useful would be the header and def files, which are here. Perhaps you can use those from MSVC, but I'm not sure. Also, I imagine you would need to use plugins that are compatible with the gstreamer source I used for this specific build, which is quite old by now.

    So, this is a difficult problem. In general, we need help to eventually update the video library to a newer build of gstreamer, the current issues are listed in the project wiki. Something that looks promising is that the gstreamer project itself is releasing up-to-date OSX and Windows builds of gstreamer 1.x. The problem is that the gstreamer-java bindings are still not compatible with gstreamer 1.x, so it is not clear at this point how to proceed forward. Again, any help would be enormously appreciated!

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    and thanks for your answers!

    For d2kagw:

    No, I did not solve it. I will keep this thread informed if I ever get the project somewhere.

    For codeanticode:

    I'm not that experienced in this kind of stuff. I barely understood things you wrote so I really can't do almost anything that helps with getting this to work. (:

    I managed to write quite useful piece of code that works with webcam but doesn't work with BMD capture cards, beyond that there is nothing Iäm capable of doing.

    For everyone:

    Does somebody know any HDMI or SDI capture devices that work with processing 2.x video library?

    Or is it possible to get the BMD cards working with processing 1.x? My code is quite simple so maybe all I need is also usable in older versions of Processing.



  • What platform are you on? If you are on OSX, I wonder if you could grab the video from the DeckLink card using using a Quartz patch, and then send the frames to Processing using Syphon? Just speculating...

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    Im using win 7 pro/ultimate.

    It is a bit too much now to change to Mac platform, I have thought about it.

    There is also this Wyphon - something like syphon for windows, but it is not really ready yet.

    Still working on it...

  • Hi everyone,

    I am currently trying to solve the same problem. I have the EzCap video Capture device and a camera pluged to it. I would like to grab the video with processing but I didn't manage to do it so far. I am on windows 7 64 bit using processing 1.5. Mikkao did you find a solution ? An other video capture device ? Syphon/Wyphon ?



  • did you find the answer? I stuck on the same problem rigth now. :) cheers.

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