Javascript mode stopped working. Any suggestions?

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The past few weeks, Processing sketches that used to run fine on my laptop (Mac OSX 10.9.3) in Javascript mode no longer run. When I try to run them, a browser window opens and it sits there stuck on "Waiting for", and the Processing console gives me this:

Exception in thread "Processing.BasicServer" java.lang.NoSuchMethodError:;Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/Exception;)V at Source) at de.bezier.mode.javascript.JavaScriptBuild.export(Unknown Source) at de.bezier.mode.javascript.JavaScriptMode.handleExport(Unknown Source) at de.bezier.mode.javascript.JavaScriptEditor.handleExport(Unknown Source) at de.bezier.mode.javascript.JavaScriptEditor.serverStarted(Unknown Source) at Source) at

Tonight I saw that there was a new Version 2.2, so I upgraded from 2.1.2, hoping that would fix the problem, but it does not.

Any suggestions what might be wrong and how I can fix it? In addition to not being able to run my sketches in Javascript mode, I can no longer export the project either.


  • Perhaps you should delete the subfolder "modes/JavaScriptMode" inside your sketchbook folder? And then, reinstall it? :-/
    Another option is directly open the generated "index.html" inside "web-export" subfolder under a Firefox browser.
    Firefox and derivatives like Seamonkey, Palemoon, Waterfox, Songbird, etc. still allow running scripts w/o a server! :bz

  • Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try deleting the JavaScriptMode folder and reinstalling.

    Unfortunately, I can't open the index.html file, because another effect of this problem is that when I try to export a project, the index.html file isn't generated :-/

  • Well, the JavaScriptMode suggestion sounded like a good one, but I tried deleting the folder and reinstalling JavaScript mode, but I'm still getting the same malfunction :-(

  • I can't open the index.html file, because another effect of this problem is that when I try to export a project, the index.html file isn't generated.

    That file is generated by merely clicking at the Run button or hit CTRL+R! >-)

  • Unfortunately, that wasn't working for me either... when I ran the sketch in Javascript mode, the index.html file was not being created.

    However, it looks like I found the cause of the problem. I started deleting code from the sketch until almost nothing was left but the basic setup, and it was still failing.

    But then I changed the size() call, and it started working. I had been defining a global variable and then using it to set the window size, like:

    int winsize = 600
    void setup(){

    and then i changed the size to use constant values instead:


    and that did it. So apparently Javascript mode can't handle size parameters defined in a variable... which is weird, because it used to work just fine. I have sketches right now on OpenProcessing that are running fine in js mode with variables in the size call. So I dunno what's up with it. But at least I can make it work.

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    So all this time, you had never tested some1 else's code? And concluded JS Mode wasn't working due to 1 app of yours? :-&
    Indeed I've got some online examples which use variables as size()'s parameters.
    But generally, I post from Java Mode to online hosts w/o testing them in JS mode 1st! 8-|

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    actually, i concluded it wasn't working based on testing numerous sketches that all had the same problem and looking online for possible solutions. i didn't post my request after just a single test on a single app.

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