ControlP5 dropdownList activate/select item

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Hi there, Is it somehow possible to select an item from a dropdownList from within the code? I mean if i have a radiobutton I can for instance just write myRadioButton.activate(0) to activate the first radio button. I'm looking for a similar function for a dropdownList. Something like myDropDownList.activate(index). I guess there is a very simple answer to my question but I just can't figure it out. Thank You very much


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    This information is included in the dropdownlist example.

    You can use: myDropDownList.setIndex(index);

  • Thank You very much. I actually tried .setIndex(). The problem was in my case I wrote .setIndex(index++) but meant .setIndex(index+1). This somehow screwed all my indexes and I thought I'm using the wrong function. Thanks anyway.

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