School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe Summer 2014 Art/Tech Programs in Berlin

we're starting a new Art & Tech School in Berlin this Summer, called School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe! feel free to check it out and if you're interested, apply and spread the word! Deadline for applications: May 26th


  • Hey, I have applied for the workshop and I have a question too. Can you tell me if you have any arrangement for international attenders? Accomodation and food ?

  • how many hours are there per week? Is there a weekend course possible as well?

  • hi blyk, cool, thanks for applying! accommodation and food are not included in the price of the school. we are looking into seeing if we can find a group home or some affordable housing options but the cost of it will need to be paid by students themselves.

    hi Chrisir, each program is full-time, monday thru friday. there may even be some short workshops on the weekend. that being said, there are times throughout each day where students are left to work on their own or collaborate with each other, there will not be instruction every hour of the day. Plus it will be summer and we'll be in Berlin so there will be some going out into the world and doing fun stuff together! There is no weekend course only. The idea is to get people who tinker with this stuff on their own at home, to help take them to the next level and see what they can do when they invest in themselves and dedicate an entire month to learning and creating with this stuff!

    thanks for asking, hope that answers your questions:)

  • ps: fyi-- we will be working with Processing in both courses and in July openFrameworks as well-- in case that wasn't clear:)

    happy weekend everyone!

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