How to make a Processing mode?

I have had an extensive search on the internet and have got no answers on how to make a Processing mode. The wiki seems to have missed it:

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 1.48.55 pm

and no one has answered the Mode Template thread. Does anyone in the world know how to do this?


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    You already asked the question there, but I already answered: the existing modes are open source, dissect one to see how they work. Good code is a good tutorial (almost).

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    I don't learn well looking at someone else's code and trying to understand what it does. But if thats the only source of information on the internet then thats fine. Thanks anyway :)

    EDIT So are you saying I need to decompile a mode?

  • I just wasted 2 hours stumbling through unhelpful github source of modes to no avail. I guess you guys will not get this awesome export until the lift on the ignorance to create viable "Create modes" help topic on the wiki. But I will be the only one profiting from it 'till then. :D

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    Perhaps it would be more effective to open an issue on GitHub on the missing Mode creation guidelines. Note, there is already this one:

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    I'll give it a look amnon thanks :) It is past midnight so don't expect me to get very far.

    "I do need to write those guidelines..." - Ben Fry Early 2013. Into 2014 and the mode guidelines have not been made yet :/

  • Yeah, I suppose there were also some other things that needed to be done:

  • "you guys will not get this awesome export"
    Are you sure you must do a mode for an "export" feature? Looks more like a Tool, no?

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    Well it should be exactly the same as android mode (just for a different platform) so I would not see why it would be a tool? I would do a tool if its easier but a mode would be more seamless and dynamic.

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    Also, for anybody else looking at this thread- check out I'm not sure if it's up-to-date, but it should hopefully be illustrative anyway :)

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