What happened to the RSS feed of processing.org?

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Well, the title pretty much says it all. I used to follow announcements on the site through an RSS feed, but it seems to be broken now?

Also, are there RSS feeds for the forum, or even better: feeds per sub-forum?


  • The whole forum seems a bit broken. Often i get a xml error when i try to post. And if i keep hitting post then it post the message a lot of times without being obvious. This also explain why so many people double post lately.

  • Often i get a xml error when i try to post.

    As I've learned quick, when that error shows up, it means comment was posted.
    Some finalizing communication glitch happened. But nothing serious apparently!
    Just refresh page w/ F5! 8-X

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    Hmm, luckily for me I haven't encountered those problems yet. EDIT: And of course I get to see it as I post this ;).

    Anyway, I'll try opening a ticket on Github regarding the RSS issue (so many communication channels :P)


  • The XML is a know problem that i was not able to track down yet.


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