Can't Connect to a bluetooth device( from Phone to HC-05) pls help for my final year project :(

Hello , i download the code Sketch 6 : Send receive bytes From this site : I can see "device discovered : (devicename) and FOUND on my screen. but I cant Connect to device ( i try to connect to HC05 bluetooth module from Galaxy s4).


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    hello . thanks for helping . :) i solved the my own problem . Finally i found the solution. but Scott C made open my mind to solve it .( he said modify the arduino code ) . thanks Scott C ; and SOLUTION's so Easy ; JUST CHANGE THE NAME OF BT DEVICE AS what 's your device name . in my case ; my bt device name is HC-05. "blueToothSerial.print("\r\n+STNA=HC-05\r\n"); //set the bluetooth name as "SeeedBTSlave as you see . it works like this . i finally reached the purple screen . Sorry my english . im not native.

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