Updating toxiclibs for processing 2.1


I have interest on updating the toxilibs library to work for processing 2.1. The idea is update the core library and the examples to work for the new processing.

Im wondering is anyone is current doing that



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    Have you seen this announcement? Actually there is not a lot to be done I've been using it for ages with processing-2.1. The main issue is comptability with the dubious processing library guidelines (to qualify as a recognised library), and some of the examples need updating in a very minor way. What the processing guys are really looking for is a maintainer.

  • Indeed, Toxiclibs is framework independent, so it can be used with Java or any processing version. The only problem is that Processing removed some default java imports such as List I think.

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    Both List & Map interfaces should be imported automatically. They don't interfere w/ Java to JS mode conversion anyways. :-j
    But make more Java programs, which didn't work right off the bat, run again w/o any modifications! It's a win-win! *-:)

  • It appears that this library is still being maintained by Karsten Schmidt (the creator) look here.

  • ok, yeah just did the pull request the examples should be working in the new version

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    I cloned your fork and was surprised to find the build still included java 1.5 flag even the processing build has now moved on:-

     javac source="1.7"

    Also the included processing core.jar is somewhat out of date. It doesn't seem to matter much because libraries compile either way (with out of date or updated flag or legacy core.jar or development core.jar) but if updating it would seem to make sense to be in step with current version of processing.

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