Legal considerations when distributing an app

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Hello everyone

I am currently working on an Android app that is supposed to be distributed over the Play Store. The programming itself went flawlessly so far. Now I am wondering what legal regulations I have to consider when making it a paid app. There are a few existing apps on the Play Store that were developed using Processing but most of them are free. By coding most of the app from scratch I managed to get rid of all library dependencies except for Ketai bluetooth. I am not a company, neither do I expect a lot of people buying it, I just want to make sure not to do something illegal or steal someones intellectual property.

Can you recommend a site where I can get this information from or have you made your own experiences?

Thanks in advance



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    If the only library is Ketai make sure its license allows free use for commercial purposes..

    I also suggest that you add your own end user license which limits your liability and a copy of the Ketai license text.

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