3D Game Developed with Processing

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After long and sometimes painful efforts, I'm happy to share this game I've created with Processing :-)


Happy to hear your feedback.


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    The game certainly looks cool! I haven't gotten a chance to test it yet, though - it crashes on start-up, during the loading screen. I read through the developer information, and it looks like it was an OutOfMemoryError - I'm curious how large the texture files you're trying to load are. I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 running Android 4.3. I'll be following this game, at least until I get a chance to see it in action...

  • Thank you for the feedback, calsign!

    I noticed I had a problem with the size of pngs and compressed them all as much as I could (that was yesterday, which version did you test? 1.0.6 should be better in that sense...) I know some phones (Full HD ones) are still experiencing the crash... but I'm not sure how to solve that... Will do some research.

    Thanks again!

  • The crash has been resolved in the latest update.

    The game certainly looks and sounds pretty cool (maybe not the best quality, but it definitely fits the general feel). The rotating mechanic is pretty awesome. I think I've seen this type of game before, but it is fresh enough to keep me interested, at least for a little bit... It is a bit frustrating that you have to spend 50 acorns to start from where you left off. This makes it start to feel like a pay-to-win game - otherwise, you have to play through the starting levels until you get 50 acorns again (at least acorns appear to be renewable). It is still a decent concept though, and a decent game.

  • Thank you for your comments, calsign. This is the first time I try to monetise an app. I think the model I chose allows, as you say, to have fun for a while, and then think if you really want to unlock the full potential. It is difficult to get to the top of leaderboards without purchasing anything, indeed (and I understand the "pay-to-win feel is not that positive").

    Also, some months ago I knew almost nothing about coding, and I still code 95% of every app within Processing... I just wanted to share I'm happy I bumped into all this :)

  • Nice game @Kajuna. I have played several times and, yes, the go back to level 1 is frustrating, but I keep doing it.

    Having to completely rotate the phone while tapping feels a bit awkwards, and on a tablet pretty uncomfortable, but overall adds fun to the game.

    By the way, seeing the blocks flying to create the track is a nice addition. Congratulations.

  • Thank you Kosowski. I'm happy you like it... and I assume you've got one of those high scores... ;)

  • I have updated the game. I would say you can now have as many chances as a paying user, with a little bit of patience... :)

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