Face-detection in live from User's webcam in my website

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Hello, I'm new in processing, and i've got a little problem. I've made a sketch, on Processing 2.0.3, using OpenCV librairy, basing on laughing man's sketch. The sketch is working as well as it can (do not hesitate if you have some modifications I can made to make it better).

But, now, i would like to take it, and to put it on my web site. I would like that the user uses it from his own camera with his on computer in live, from my web site.

How can i do?

I've used "AppletMaker" to export an applet, so I've a floder with an index.html, but when i open it, it doesn't work. I've see something about "getUserMedia", but i really don't know how to use it. Is there something about "translate processing code" to "javascript code", or is it the same? I'm realy lost.

Please, HEEELP! thx


  • "Is there something about "translate processing code" to "javascript code", or is it the same?"

    AppletMaker exports an applet, which is still Java compiled code. With proper permissions (signed jar), it might do what you want. I don't know much about accessing user devices, though.

    JavaScript is a very different language than Java, despite the similar names. Basically, if you go to JavaScript mode (you might need to install it first) in the PDE, the translation is done for you, but you cannot use any library, including the video one.

    I believe a JavaScript program can access the user's camera, using the latest HTML5 features, but I have no idea how to do it... And I doubt you will have a ready-made JS library to do face detection!

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