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I'm new to processing, just got Dan Shiffman's book.

I'm trying out the first steps where we have to export and test. The file happily saves, but I only see "export application" in the file menu - which I guess is standard.

However, when I save the file it exports automatically to ~/documents/processing/sketch_140305b… but no applet folder appears (as mentioned in the book), I have no HTML file in the folder either.

I do have: 1) sketch_140305b.pde + a file named: /application.macosx/ - this has inside of it: 2) sketch_140305b.app + a file named: /source/ - inside of that: 3) two files: sketch_140305b.pde + sketch_140305b.java

nowhere do I see a html file, or applet (see screen shot).

Can someone point me in the right direction - I'm running this on a mac and the processing is the latest version 2.1.1.

Thanks in advance!Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 12.34.33



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    That book was written when Processing 1 series reigned! Processing 2 series don't export Java applets anymore! :(
    Even worse, from Processing 2.1+ and on, it can only export to the same OS it's running on! :-L
    My advise is to also install Processing 1.5.1 for awhile, for the purpose to study that book more comfortably! *-:)
    On a side note, Processing 2+ got JavaScript & CoffeeScript modes, which generate an HTML file running our sketches as JS! =:)

  • Great, that sounds useful, how do I use those? Do I have to 'initialize' the JavaScript & CoffeeScript modes, or is it somewhere in some sort of permissions options.


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    You gotta install the 1s you want. On the far top right, a rect button labeled 'Java', click there. Then choose 'Add Mode'.

  • Great, thanks. I had noticed that, but hadn't got round to clicking on the 'add' button to see what happened. Anyhow, they're added now.

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