JS mode problems: Instagram JSON to load images

edited March 2014 in JavaScript Mode

I'm having problems with using JSON to grab images from instagram in Javascript mode.

JSONObject jsonAgram;
PImage displayInstaImage1;

String apiKey = "xxxxxxxxxxxxx";  //needs valid Instagram API key 
String tagSearch;

void setup() {

  tagSearch = "pizza";

void draw() {


void loadData() {

  //doesn't seem to make it past the this point
  jsonAgram = loadJSONObject("https://api.instagram.com/v1/tags/"+tagSearch+"/media/recent?client_id="+ apiKey);

  JSONArray instagramData = jsonAgram.getJSONArray("data");
  JSONObject entry1 = instagramData.getJSONObject(0);
  JSONObject image1Data = entry1.getJSONObject("images").getJSONObject("low_resolution"); 

  String image1URL = image1Data.getString("url");

  displayInstaImage1 = loadImage(image1URL);      

Same old song and dance: works fine in Java mode, but not Javascript. When I run it in JS, it shows up as a gray screen. Using println commands to debug, it looks like things move along until I use "loadJSONObject".

Does the JSON functionality work with JS mode? I know certain libraries won't, but since JSON was integrated into Processing native libraries I thought it should work.

Or could it be something else I'm missing? It would be nice to have a clearer understanding of what will and won't work in Javascript mode.


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