controlp5 tab positioning (deprecated?)

Is it still possible to reposition tabs in cp5? form this reference it says to use ControlWindow.setPositionOfTabs(int, int) but ControlWindow is deprecated. ControllerGroup.setPosition(int, int) doesn't work, at least just playing with the example, like this: cp5.getTab("extra").activateEvent(true).setId(2).setPosition(30, 40);


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    cp5.getWindow().setPositionOfTabs(x, y);

  • Hey thanks,

    I've not been notified of your answer!

    It works, thanks a lot!

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    I know the question was answers a long time ago, but when I write cp5.getWindow().setPositionOfTabs(x, y) in my code

    I got this error: Capture d’écran 2016-04-12 à 23.39.12

    Can someone help me with that?? thank you!!

  • which controlP5 version are you using? It is printed into the console when running a sketch that uses controlP5.

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    thank you for your fast answer. I downloaded the ControlP5 version 2.2.5

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