Receiving SMS in Processing

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I am trying to receive SMS messages in Processing. Already tried the smsP5 library but I can't get a compatible GSM modem - recent smartphones are not compatible, apparently. Also, I've tried OSCdroid - which is great in theory, it even has an option to send SMS through OSC -, but the app keeps crashing on my Samsung Galaxy SII (the app hasn't been updated in a while). Does anyone have any suggestions on this?




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    You could write a simple Android program that checks for SMS and forwards it to Processing in some way (OSC?). Would that work?

  • I ended up using an app called SMS Gateway Ultimate, for Android, which forwards SMS to a web URL. So I stored the messages in a database and made queries from Processing through PHP. But yeah, I suppose I could have written a software that forwards the messages through OSC - and supposedly, OSCdroid should do it, but as I've said, it simply does not work - but I had little time to have it all integrated and my lack of skills in Android development sure did not help.

    Thanks, anyway!

  • Hey, does the smsP5 library still work for processing 2.2.1?! I try to add it with the library-adder tool and it's not there. I'm just looking for a simple way to receive and send text messages from Processing.

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