Geometry shaders in Processing 1.X

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Hi, I have written three simple sketches using geometry shaders and a short introduction, covering some use cases where they can be quite handy. I have used Processing 1.5 and GlGraphics, as Processing 2 doesn't support them for now. To keep shaders as simple as possible the lighting has been reduced to just a diffuse factor.

Find it here:




  • Wow, this is very cool!!

    I have just started looking at shaders but I don't understand them yet. I have seen the examples that come with the latest versions of processing which have geometry in them. But from your post I understand that geometry shaders are not supported. Could you explain that further?

    Thanks for sharing!

  • This thread was started a year ago, by now geometry and tesselation shaders are possible in Processing 2.

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    Updating those examples to Processing 2 using codeanticode's classes is in my To do list.

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