any library to simulate the physics of sound propagation?

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May I ask if there's any library to simulate the physics of sound propagation, i.e. the behaviors of sound wave from a sound source or multiple sound sources?




  • suggestions are greatly appreciated! :)

  • maybe the minim libary? it comes automaticly with processing

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    Minim has capabilities for audio signal generation, but not for physics simulation. I doubt there is no such library for Processing, since realistic (let alone accurate) simulation of sound propagation in even a moderately complex environment is both mathematically unstable and numerically very intensive problem.

    What are you trying to achieve? If you have a stable environment (e.g. a room with no moving parts and fixed sound sources), you may try to calculate the impulse response of the environment and generate a filter for the response. Then you could simply apply that filter to the audio signal in Processing.

  • For such question, your best try is to search for Java libraries, not only for Processing ones.

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