Control p5 - How are click events handled when two controllers overlap?

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I'm doing a "for-fun" side project that involves drawing control p5 elements inside my own custom "Windows" (Essentially just rectangles). Essentially this is mimicking an OS ui, as these early screenshots suggests:

image alt text image alt text

Now I'm planning on implementing the ability to drag these windows around, but as I was plotting it out in my head I realized that having overlapping elements could potentially cause issues with drawing and event handling. I figure I could solve drawing order with setAutoDraw(false), but I'm wondering how the library figures out which controller I'm clicking on if two are overlapping (E.g. If I drag a window full of controllers on top of another window of controllers). Essentially, how do I ensure that it clicks the button on top.

Does it have anything to do with drawing order or initialization? Is there some priority order or depth I can manipulate to allow certain controllers to be checked before others when overlapping? Am I over-thinking this? Am I misunderstanding the way this works?

I get that this may not necessarily be what cp5 is intended for, but it's such a fantastic library that I'd love to be able to make it work for this.

TL;DR - If two cp5 controllers overlap, and I click within a region shared by both, how does cp5 decide which one I've clicked on? And how can I ensure that the topmost controller is the one that is clicked?


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    This is pretty easy to test. Just create two overlapping controllers and check it. Drawing order is affected by the order which controllers are initialized. It seems the topmost controller is the one that is clicked and sends an event. As far as I know there is no z-depth support in ControlP5, but indeed it would be a nice feature. Note that Controllers can have names, id's etc. to distinguish easily between them (for example in the main controlEvent method). ControlP5 already has support for moving controllers, except that when I test it now in P5 2.1.1 + ControlP5 2.0.4 it doesn't seem to work anymore.

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    Hi, @amnon, the shortcuts (ALT-h to drag controllers) are disabled by default and need to be enabled using cp5.enableShortcuts();(btw you can use version 2.1.5 which now support rendering to PGraphics, see example extra/ControlP5renderIntoPGraphics, I think you were looking for that feature a while back?)

    @NoNameGhost, there is a example at examples/use/ControlP5mouseover that shows you how to detect mouseovers with controlP5 controllers. you can also access a list with controllers where their mouseover is true with cp5.getMouseOverList()); to bring a controller to the front (changing the z-index), use yourController.bringToFront();

    here a quick example

    import controlP5.*;
    ControlP5 cp5;
    void setup() {
      size(400, 400);
      cp5 = new ControlP5(this);
      // enable shortcuts, use ALT-h to drag controllers around
      // add a callback listener to bring the controller,
      // that was enter by the mouse to the front.
      cp5.addCallback(new CallbackListener() {
        public void controlEvent(CallbackEvent event) {
          if (event.getAction()==ControlP5.ACTION_ENTER) {
         .setPosition(10, 20)
         .setSize(80, 40)
         .setPosition(50, 40)
         .setSize(80, 40)
    void draw() {
  • @sojamo Ah, indeed, then the dragging works fine. Luckily the blurriness problems that I had back then, have been solved in Processing. But still, rendering to PGraphics can be a very useful feature, so it's nice to see this supported.

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