Why cant I display the text of a string made with toString?

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got this from the AP-Sync library. building a string that will be sent to Ardu when enter is pressed.

Works great, great library.

However, I want to also display that string on the java, so I can see what I am typing. println, shows it fine, but "text( toArduino, LS4+190, 70);" said that I cant show that.

I also tried to make a new string just for my text such as: String BeforeSending = toArduino;
Not allowed, I get a "Type mismatch, "java.lang.StringBuilder" does not match with "java.lang.String"

Here is the function

void keyPressed(){
//println("pressed " + int(key) + " " + keyCode);
  println(toArduino );

   String BeforeSending = toArduino;

  if (keyCode == ENTER){
      println(toArduino + " sent");

        fill(y); // Yellow
   text("Sent String:", 560, 600 ); 
 // text( toString, 160+150, 600);
  if (keyCode == DELETE || keyCode == BACKSPACE){
      if(toArduino.length() > 0){
         toArduino.deleteCharAt(toArduino.length() - 1);

  if(keyCode != ENTER &&
      keyCode != DELETE &&
      keyCode != ESC &&
      keyCode != UP &&
      keyCode != DOWN &&
      keyCode != BACKSPACE &&
      keyCode != TAB &&
      keyCode != ALT &&
      keyCode != CONTROL &&
      keyCode != RETURN ){


What to do? I thought that toString will just make me another string that I can play with as I wish...



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