Processing Forum's Search format

I am an old Processing user, and came back after some time to play with P5.js.

I remember how disappointed I was after the forum moved to the new format because searches were no more as easy as before. I cannot find any setting to present answers in a usable form and this brings me some frustration when trying to sort things out. It becomes a lot faster to ask instead of search!

After a search, the result page is chaotic: 1) all answers are shown full size, instead of the first lines only; 2) they are not shown in a tree form, so the messages from the same thread are shown multiple times, mixing the question with the answers (I would show the answers only upon clicking on the question that looks related to my needs) 3) It is not immediately visible where each post is ending, so you need to scroll the page a lot to find the next one.

I assume I am missing something here, because it looks strange that everybody else is happily working with this format :-(

The ideal format is yet Stackoverflow's: Clean, concise, it is immediately clear the question/answers structure, how many answers if any, and when the question has been asked.

A side question: is there a reason why the forum is not onto a StackExchange's site



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