My solution to low framerates when using image() function (android mode)

edited April 2018 in Android Mode

Greetings all,

I was suffering from cripplingly low framerates when using the image() function, specifically in android mode. It worked fine on my PC, but my tablet could not handle it. If I commented out every use of image() my framerate problems would be solved, but that was not a feasable solution, nor is it for many people. Using noLoop() and reDraw() was not an option either as many of you reading this with the same problem will have in common.

After alot of searching I discovered a solution. As it would turn out the default renderer was to blame. Changing it to OPENGL worked!

I simply changed it from fullscreen(); to size(displayWidth, displayHeight, OPENGL); and it worked just like that! Hopefully this helps someone else who is having that same problem.

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