Beginner Question: How to Build Sound Player that Creates & Plays Random mp3 Playlist?

Hello! I'm a musician and complete programming noob. Thanks for making this space so welcoming! I'm trying to wrap my head around a sound project I'm working on. I welcome any direction you can provide.

Basically, I'm trying to create web-based sound player that, when clicked, plays a randomized playlist of sound files. I'm imagining that to create this, I'll use a variant on this p5 Load and Play Sound code (link). Other stuff I'll need, in addition to the components in the example, (I'm guessing) will be:

  • A set of mp3s in a folder.

  • Calling these mp3s somehow, maybe with random().

  • Either triggering each new mp3 from the end of the previous mp3, or assembling them in order when the player is clicked.

Does that sound right? Any general or specific recommendations about how to make this happen?

Thanks a lot!


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