Need advice for an HD video with 7.1 sound project

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Hi, I'm into a project in which I need to play an HD video file with 7.1 sound. I'm struggling to find answers for some of my questions so I'll make them here:

  • I need to keep the audio and video in sync, so my best option, I think, is to use a video file with 8 audio channels. Has the video library support for this?
  • In the case of reproducing a mute video file and an 8 channel audio file, how do I keep them in sync? Also, which library and what method do I use to play the 8 channels correctly?
  • I'm using OS X for programming, but I need this to run on a Windows PC, what are the best codecs for this task? (The PC isn't that powerful, so I need to keep it light).


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    Well, doing some research I now think that the best option could be using launch()to open the file on an external player (like VLC). It would be awesome to have some kind of communication with the player, I found posts about an old library for Processing 1 called RemoteVLC, is there a modern option to control the player from Processing? (to know, for example, when a video starts or finishes playing)

    I still need to use Processing (or something similar) to send synchronized info via serial to an Arduino while the video is playing.

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