Java script error Processing/Kinect + Isadora

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Hi I have experienced Java script error when working with Isadora. Any help would be appreciated. I have logged it with TroikaTronix forum too. Thank you.Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 10.55.45 Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 10.56.18 Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 10.56.43


  • @luciedance -- Thank you. Could you please describe the error and give the error as text (not screenshots)? Could you please link to the TroikaTronix forum post?

  • The error is long but this is what is at the top java.lang.noSuchMethodError:processing.core.PApplet.registerDispose(Ljava/lang/Object;)V

    at com.jogamp.newt.opengl.GLWindow.display(GLWindow, java:759) at com.jogamp.opengl.until.AWTAnimatorImpl.display( at com.jogamp.opengl.until. Animatorbase.display( at com.jogamp.opengl.until FPSAnimator$Maintask.rung( at java.until.TimerThred.mainLoop ( at (

    The Isadora forum has not commented yet but the link is here:

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    PApplet::registerDispose() was @Deprecated in Processing 2; and finally removed in Processing 3! =;

  • Is this working with a standard Isadora example, or your own code? If it is a standard example, what is it? If it is yours, can you share an MCVE? Was the code once working, and it stopped, or did it never work? Have you ever gotten Isadora working on the machine you are using -- or at all?

    I'm not experienced with Isadora, but an MCVE will make it much easier for forums to give you help.

  • HI @Jeremydouglass and @GoToLoop. Thank you for this. This is very interesting. Yes the Isadora tutorial patch which was designed for Kinect specifies to use it with Processing 2, however I have been working on Processing 3 using this pre-done patch and it has worked. This is first time it has not. @GoToLoop the thred for the previous discussion is useful. Is this only way to go back to Processing 2? The patch for Isadore you can view here: That is what I am using on MAC which provides the processing patch. Thank you.

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