Processing audio speech

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Which is the easiest Library to use for processing audio speech?



  • Look at the libraries iirc


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    @JBradley -- I don't believe that there is a Processing-specific library for speech processing (converting spoken audio into text). For Java in general, you could use something like Sphinx-4 ( ) -- (not 'easy').

    Currently high-performance speech recognition is often backed by proprietary recognition data and/or a cloud service with an API like Google Speech, Bing Speech et cetera. Another option is setting up your own open source toolchain and training it (like Sphinx4, Kaldi, SpeechPy etc.) -- this is possible but definitely not 'easy'.

    Does anyone else know of easy alternatives?

    Past discussion:

  • Ah, i was just referring to processing says something, not processing understands something

  • Yes, question is vague.

    Jbradley, what are you trying to do?

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    @JBradley -- you edited your question and changed it from "speech processing" to "processing audio speech."

    Do you mean:

    If you mean Speech recognition, see my answer above.

  • I meant something else. Sorry, I should have been more specific. I want to take a spoken work in a Wav file and use it as a que to prompt a user of my application. The Sound library looked promising, but the Jar file is missing from the GitHub site. A search of the Forum shows that others have had this problem too, with no solution offered. So, I need to find another library. I am on a new iMac desktop with Processing 3.6+

  • (i changed the title, it originally just said 'audio' which was useless. the change log doesn't show any more changes, but the change log is not great)

  • I want to take a spoken work in a Wav file and use it as a que to prompt a user of my application. you just want to play an audio file, which happens to have speech in it?

    You can play back an audio file by installing Sound or (recommended) minim.

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