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To whom it may concern,

I am very interested in this GSoC project. I am majoring in mathematics and am in my second year of the bachelor's degree program. I am always top-ranked in my classes. I currently teach mathematics, computer science, and English at my school while I take class full time. I am very passionate about this opportunity. The "Development Environment: Beginner/New User Experience Features" idea looks completely apt for what I am capable of. I definitely know Java. What are the best next steps I can take to facilitate this process? I will use and appreciate all the advice and wisdom that is offered my way.

Thanks, David Sult


  • Hi @sult0, thanks for your interest! As an experienced teacher, what are some ways you think the experience of opening the Processing editor for the first time could be improved? What information would you like your students to have access to right away?

  • Dear kjhollen,

    Thanks for your reply. Prima facie, I see myriad things that could change upon the incipient launch of the program. The addition of a drop down project list on the left hand side that manages files and allows access to files stored on the processor would greatly enhance the program. A new window for each file is too cumbersome. I also notice that one cannot merely start to write a program into the GUI which I think should also be fixed. The style of the GUI could also be more attractive and developed to look more professional. I believe this could be handled with swing which I have experience with. It also needs the capability to access features such as new folder and refresh in the left hand side drop down of the projects list. I also see that it needs cut, copy, paste, undo, and functionality such as this in the top banner of the GUI or the project drop down list as buttons that are user friendly. Furthermore, it could offer various tutorials and “getting started” features that allow the user to start with these if they are a neophyte such as a student that are readily available probably on the right side or as a tab that can be clicked on and accessed easily from somewhere convenient such as the top banner. What do you think? My main concern is that the program seems to has some work it needs done on it when it comes to writing a nascent application to test it out given that any first time user would want to at least concoct a “Hello, world!” Program to get started or something similar. What are your thoughts on these suggestions?

    From, David Sult

  • I wouldn't use Swing as it is being replaced with JavaFX.

    I suggest the PDE creates a code-skeleton when you select New. The actual code depending on the current mode e.g. Java, JS, Android etc.

  • @quark this is possible with the use of "Templates"!

    Perhaps we need to do a better job of documenting this.

    @sult0 thanks for these thoughts. One idea we have tossed around is whether there might be some sort of interactive tutorial that walks a user through the use of the PDE the first time. If I recall correctly Albeton live (a massively more complex interface of course) does a nice job of this as a reference.

  • I created a template that establishes all the mouse and keystroke functions I could want, alone with a tab for keeping notes. Also, as I create new functions that I use a lot, such as determining if a point is within a polygon, I include them within the template. Maybe having a selection within the PDE to save a sketch as a template for the current mode would be a good improvement. Otherwise, for all intents and purposes I am very happy with the PDE. I cannot and should not, in my opinion, try to be everything to everyone.

  • @Bird

    Maybe having a selection within the PDE to save a sketch as a template for the current mode

    That already exist in the current PDE and it works. You can set a sketch in the "sketchFolder"/Templates under each mode and voiaaaaala.


  • Oh yes, I guess you can do that within the PDE, but I was thinking of something a little more direct like "Save as template..." in the file menu. But since you can have only one template per Mode, and would therefore only use that selection once, it probably isn't really worth the menu real estate.

  • To whom it may concern,

    Can someone please provide me some sample proposals that were accepted so I can use them as reference? Also, I cannot tell who is posting in terms of who the administrators are who actually work as mentors for these GSoC projects, I am looking to engage directly with this ilk of person to discuss my best next steps. Is there a way to download the source code for the program as well so I can experiment with it?

    Thanks, David Sult

  • To whom it may concern,

    Are the mentors involved in this forum? If so, do they post regularly and have active involvement. Also, do they identify themselves as being mentors when posting?

    Thanks, Sult0

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    @sult0 -- I am not a mentor this year, but I have been a mentor in a previous year. I am an active forum participant.

    Some Processing organization members may already intend to be mentors, but mentors for this year's applications may not be chosen until after submissions, and people may be recruited to pair with certain submissions.

    GSOC 2017 mentors are listed here:

    Previous GSOC mentors are listed here

  • To whom it may concern,

    Thanks for all the replies! I am very grateful. Does anyone have any access to previous GSoC proposals that were accepted to give me an apt perspective of how should put mine together? Would previous posts be a good place to search for myself for this? Can I run my ideas for the project(s) I am interested in in this forum and get apropos feedback as to whether or not they would be expedient to include in my proposal?

    Thanks, sult0

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