Art-Net Library for Processing

I finally managed it to put a little time into my already existing Art-Net library for Java & Processing. It is based on the 5 year old artnet4j project, hosted on google code.

I have added some very important extensions to library:

Allow Socket Reuse - This is necessary to run multiple ArtNet servers / clients on one system. Otherwise the artnet port can only be used by one application.

Network Interface Selection - It is possible to select the specific network interface to communicate with. This is necessary if you have a special network for your ArtNet devices, but would like to be connected to a second network (e.g. for monitoring).

Receiving ArtNet DMX Data - Without this modification, the library was not able to read ArtNet from another node. The library also supports a simple caching solution, to read the dmx data when you need it (not event driven).

Here is a simple example how to read data:

ArtNetClient artnet = new ArtNetClient();

// set interface address to listen to

byte[] data = artnet.readDmxData(0, 0);
System.out.println("First Byte: " + data[0] & 0xFF);

You can download the library here (under releases):

I am also waiting for the approval into the library manager.


  • You dear sir are a lifesaver! The code just... works. (Let's hope it keeps working until saturday!)

    Thanks a lot!

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