Root access on processing?

Hi ! I'm searching a way to grant root access for my processing app (to write on system file). Is it possible?


  • What is root access? What do you mean with writing on a system file? More details....


  • Thanks for your quick reply ! With root access I mean write/read on a system file (ex : /efs/wifi/ I've tried the code that @Lord_of_the_Galaxy gave but It's obviously not a processing code and does not work with it (probably need some import or code modification that I've absolutely no idea).

  • Yeah, but it wasn't an actual answer. Just something you might want to look at.

  • Yes it was very interesting but sadly I haven't actually the knowledge to adapt it for processing.

  • @akenaton might be able to help you out

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    never tried that; yet, looking to the linked code i think that it can work, at least for os<5; of course in order to get it running with p5 and android mode 3.XXX there are some changes to make (this code lauches a new activity...); of course also your phone has to be rooted before...Before lolypop 5.0 there was a special permission to declare in the manifest (android.permission.ACCESS_SUPERUSER); now this is deprecated and i dont know if there is a new (dangerous!)"permission" to declare; probably no...

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