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Dear Processing team and community,

maybe someone could help me out here on this matter. I have only had experience with the JAVA-based (I'd call it "classical") Processing. Nevertheless, I have now a support question from a colleague who uses Python Mode, which I have not been able to answer offhand. Thus, I would be more than thankful if someone here has a quick and helpful answer on this:

My colleague works with Python Mode Processing on Windows 10 and has been able to successfully write his first program. However, he has failed in creating a standalone application as it seems JAVA 7 is required, but he has JAVA 8 installed.

Do you have any hints on how to solve this issue?

Thanks a ton!



  • @manuli -- I export from macOS, but I believe (?) the answer is "you should also install Java 7 to run exported applications"

    What I see on my export dialog is "Users of other platforms will need to install Java 7" (i.e. Windows and Linux).


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    Java 7 is a minimum requirement. Any version of Java after that will also work fine.

    In other words, Java 8 can run Java 7 programs.

    If you're having trouble, it's probably something else. I don't know anything about Python, but why would you need Java at all to run it?

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    Processing.py specifically requires Java because it used Jython to run Python-on-JVM. Jython is why Processing Java libraries works with it -- and why it is restricted to pure (uncompiled) Python 2.7 only.

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