No particle system using Webgl with p5 ?

edited January 2018 in p5.js

Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum, and also to p5.js. I discovered this librairy looking to the Coding Train channel (Dan if you read me, THANK YOU).

I'm in love with particle systems, and I would like to do some using Webgl (because it uses GPU instead of CPU), but when I ask google with "webgl particle p5", it's just the void. We can find a lot of example using 2d canva, or 3d with the librairy Three.js, but no ressources with p5. Why ? Is p5 not make for that purpose ? If not, what do you recommand instead ? If so, does anyone have a good tutorial for this?

Thank you a lot, and please forgive my hesitant english.


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